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Background Check

Programs that Involve the Participation of Minors

REG 01.25.18

In accordance with REG 05.55.08 – Background Checks, individuals who volunteer as part of a university-sponsored program or summer camp that is offered to pre-college-age minors are subject to background checks. There may be other factors, such as the nature of the duties (driving a vehicle, handling monies, access to information, etc.), for which background checks may be required for individuals providing no-pay services. In any cases in which a background check is required or requested, appointments will be delayed until the background check is endorsed. Programs and activities involving minors are also subject to the requirements described in REG 01.25.18 – Programs that Involve the Participation of Minors. Individuals covered may include volunteers and other no-pay employees. Departments are responsible for ensuring programs and no-pay appointments comply with this regulation. Note: Any exceptions to this policy will require Dean’s approval in advance. Written notification of exceptional approval should be uploaded via CPAWS with the No-Pay Service Request Form. 

NOTE: Beginning July 1, 2021, to comply with REG 01.25.18 – Programs that Involve the Participation of Minors, campus programs will be responsible for background checks costs associated with Youth Programs